Handmade in Germany
Original exclusive recipe
Only the best ingredients.
Best taste guaranteed.
Christstollen From Bors Bakery
Christmas and the stollen

Christmastime: it's the time to come home, to surprise the one's you love. It's the cozy christmas tree and all the presents for the family. And finally it's time for Bors Christollen: the finest and most delicious christmas stollen you can imagine. Bors Stollen is the original and made in Germany.
Imagine the fragance of butter, almonds and good rum combined with the surpising taste of ever lasting freshness. Bors Christstollen are made where the stollen originate: Germany.

Best baker of Germany

We bake the Christstollen in the traditional way. That's what we do since 1911. So we have al long history in baking of stollen. In 2001 we even received the award of "Best baker of Germany" by the national bakery magazine "Der Feinschmecker" ("the connoisseur"). Although we are proud of our national award, Bors Bakery still is a family business. Our stollen are guaranteed quality, hand made and made in Germany. Now, you are able to directly order this original, highly rewarded and most of all delightful stollen yourself

Order your fresh stollen

It’ll take no more than [8 upto 14] working days to deliver you the original german stollen. Note that Christstollen are fresh untill months after Christmas. The recipe implies conserving the stollen with dairy butter and sugar. Fill in the form now and order the of stollen you need this year! Order your Stollen now and enjoy the smell and taste of classic Christmas as we do in Germany.


Christmas is the time to reward your personnel after another year of good work. You'll be amazed of the impact of our traditional stollen. Men, wives, kids, grandparent, grandchildren, almost anyone will be surprised by the delicious smell and taste. So: if you're looking for an original way to surprise you employees, refer to our supply

From small to large

Our Christmas Stollen vary from small cakes (7 ounce ministollen) of to hudge stollen of over 3 pound. You can order the stollen with or without marzipan. The stollen will be packed in conserving cellophane. However, there also is the option to have the stollen packed into a gift-box, or exclusively packed into a wooden box.
Go to the order page and you'll find an overview of all the options. Read them carefully and make your choices. If you have any other wishes, contact us by e-mail via info@bors.de or fax +49 2852 5067654 and we'll contact you for further details.